Why Brew Your Own Beer?

HISTORY Be part of history by participating in this long-lived craft. Humans have been brewing and consuming beer for a very long time. According to Wikipedia beer is one of the oldest human-produced drinks and one of the first confirmed barley-beer from the Mesopotamia area dates back to the 5th millennium BCE.

QUALITY You control the quality of what goes into brewing your beer. The water, grains, hops and yeast are sourced and assembled by you from the multitude of vendors available offering a variety of quality products. Doing the research is essential but in the end you know what went into what you are drinking.

SCIENCE Did somebody say science? Converting starches into sugars with enzymes, the biochemical process of breaking down of sugars into alcohol, extracting the resins from hops, and the list goes on. All of this is influenced by numerous variables that will contribute to the final product from your brew.